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Memorable present for a Christening

My husband’s cousin and his charming wife have just christened their beautiful baby daughter at the picturesque island of Lesvos. It’s a shame we could not attend the event, as we heard all who were there had a fabulous time and everything was outstanding! I can’t wait to see photos! Not only was the ceremony… Continue reading Memorable present for a Christening

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Easter is approaching…2

Easter is approaching… What a crazy week! First my little Starshine was with a stomach bug, then my lower back decided to fail on me for yet another time and I’m still recovering. A few days later my dear Moonlight caught the flu and little Starshine felt she had to follow. Hopefully by Easter Sunday we’ll all be well!… Continue reading Easter is approaching…2

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Easter is approaching…

Before you going saying that I have a loose screw and point out that Easter has already passed, I’d like to reveal that Orthodox Easter is celebrated on a different time from Catholic Christians: Easter in Greece is the most celebrated holiday, where it is an opportunity for families and loved ones to gather together and praise its significance through centuries-old traditions: It is… Continue reading Easter is approaching…

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A fairy-tale come true

  Fairy-tales include the appearance of fantastic elements in the form of magic: fairies and witches, giants and dwarves, gnomes and elves, knights and heroes. Imagination has no limits: it’s no wonder that children get excited over a bedtime tale or a Disney movie. My girls love dressing up and role-playing. Their creative ability to… Continue reading A fairy-tale come true


My first crochet projects

After an elongated festive weekend, I settle myself down to share with you some more handicraft I had previously made. The 25th of March is a major day and a double holiday in Greece, both a historical and a religious one:  It was an opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends 👪 and… Continue reading My first crochet projects