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A special gift for the teacher.

The schools have closed, woohoo!!!! Pleasantly surprised, this year, my eldest wasn’t as impatient for summer to arrive as previous years. Her new school, schoolmates and above all, her teacher, have played a large part in her change in attitude. I felt that, to show our gratitude, a special gift was required. After a conference with my daughter and some brain racking, we… Continue reading A special gift for the teacher.

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A merry, festive season!

What a couple of months it has been! I have disappeared for quite a while, the truth being said, but all for good cause… Numerous friends have given birth to healthy, beautiful babies!  Joyful news is always cordially welcomed and I certainly didn’t loose the opportunity to embrace my friends’ joys. What’s more precious than a handcrafted gift specifically designed for each individual angel? Following… Continue reading A merry, festive season!

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A ‘fairy-tale’ costume tutorial

It’s been a while! Now with the schools being closed and the temperature rising, the beach is a more appealing locale, not only for the kids but for us grown-ups as well! Blogging and crochet have been left aside for a while but I will make it up to you with this free tutorial! In a… Continue reading A ‘fairy-tale’ costume tutorial

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Easter is approaching…2

Easter is approaching… What a crazy week! First my little Starshine was with a stomach bug, then my lower back decided to fail on me for yet another time and I’m still recovering. A few days later my dear Moonlight caught the flu and little Starshine felt she had to follow. Hopefully by Easter Sunday we’ll all be well!… Continue reading Easter is approaching…2

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Easter is approaching…

Before you going saying that I have a loose screw and point out that Easter has already passed, I’d like to reveal that Orthodox Easter is celebrated on a different time from Catholic Christians: Easter in Greece is the most celebrated holiday, where it is an opportunity for families and loved ones to gather together and praise its significance through centuries-old traditions: It is… Continue reading Easter is approaching…

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A fairy-tale come true

  Fairy-tales include the appearance of fantastic elements in the form of magic: fairies and witches, giants and dwarves, gnomes and elves, knights and heroes. Imagination has no limits: it’s no wonder that children get excited over a bedtime tale or a Disney movie. My girls love dressing up and role-playing. Their creative ability to… Continue reading A fairy-tale come true