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An Ariel mermaid birthday party!

It has been a harsh winter. Colds, flus and stomach bugs unfortunately thrived within many households during those long winter months. Having thought we were finally rid of all those maleficent invisible creatures, with the first days of spring and the welcoming of warmer weather, I thought that my beautiful little Starshine, whose birthday was on the 21st of the month, will enjoy a fantastic Little Mermaid party that we prepared for her. Sadly, a couple of days due to the party, she fell ill, with high temperatures exhausting her petite  physique. The great news is that she has finally recovered and the party, a week overdue, was a hugh hit!

Starting with the mermaid costume, that my little girl had asked for, one idea led to another and I soon ended up being more excited for the party than my little dear. Without  realizing it, a whole scene of under water events came to life, from the decorations, the party food and treats, to the party games we prepared. I enjoyed every single moment of the preparations, especially when Moonlight and Starshine offered to lend a hand.

Ariel mermaid


Browsing the net we found a wide range of the Little Mermaid invitations ready to be printed. This is the one which appealed us the most:images4GWYXQ6T (2)

Party decorations

Apart from the under-the-sea theme, I wanted a consistency in the purple and green colours that are coincided with Ariel, throughout the whole décor of the party: two purple octopuses hanged from the ceiling and a green fishing net had caught a few  bubbling balloons on the wall. Tablecloths, napkins, plastic plates, cups and silverware, all corresponded to the colour-coordinating  palette. Ariel was printed as food tags and as labels for the water bottles.

Party food

As I mentioned above, the food was sea-related, not meaning that I served fish, shrimps and caviar, but that the food was decorated as such to remind us of the sea:
On the beach there was a lot of salty driftwood and pasta sea-shells to be found, whilst under the deep blue sea, a red pepper octopus was overlooking a coral reef bed made from fresh veggies and tzatziki dip. Sausage octopuses avoided the cheesy shark teeth and sausage ships as they swam through the popcorn sea froth. Croissant sandwich crabs with  olive eyes, along with their starfish friends, combed the sea bed in search of sweet mermaid tails and pearled sea shells.

The spotlight of the party was the birthday cake of course, made by my creative friend, owner of  Vintage Art Cake! She also treated us with some beautifully decorated mermaid biscuits! She is truly amazing and makes an extra effort to accommodate her sweets to fully harmonize in your whole party theme. Don’t miss the chance to take a look at her creations:

Party games

As expected, the games we prepared, all had to do with the sea:

Pass the treasure: As the music played (soundtrack from the Little Mermaid) the kids passed the parcel round. As soon as the music stopped the kid who was holding the parcel unwrapped a layer. A note within assigned a silly stunt for the kid and once completed (s)he got a sweet. After many layers of unwrapping, the final layer hid a small gift for one lucky kid, a Little Mermaid DVD!

Musical pearls: Similar to musical chairs, the kids run round the shells and as soon as the music stopped, the kids picked up the shell that was in front of them.  The kid who found the pearl won a sweet and sat out, giving a chance to the other kids to find the pearl.

Treasure hunt: Dinglehoppers and precious stones were hidden around the garden. Each kid was designated  a colour and had to find the colour- associated stone along with as many dinglehopprs as possible. The kid with the most forks and his/her precious stone won.

Feed the octopus: Each kid got the chance to throw felted fish within the octopus’ mouth. Again the kid who managed to feed the most fish to the octopus won.

Beach combing for pearls: The kids were divided into two groups. They had to look for pearls within two buckets filled with sand and shells. The team who found the most pearls won.

To end well, as a thank you party favor, my little mermaid handed out a 3D paper craft from Disney’s site: Ariel for the girls and Flounder for the boys. Thank you to all our guests for your presence and making my daughter’s party a blast!





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