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A merry, festive season!

What a couple of months it has been! I have disappeared for quite a while, the truth being said, but all for good cause…

Numerous friends have given birth to healthy, beautiful babies!  Joyful news is always cordially welcomed and I certainly didn’t loose the opportunity to embrace my friends’ joys. What’s more precious than a handcrafted gift specifically designed for each individual angel?

Following suit the global demand to handmade crafts, Greeks have lately accomplished the frenzied fashion of buying exclusive, handmade gifts, being that they may be symbolic and customised to one’s tastes. Most likely influenced by us grown ups, our toddlers and kids  have also become huge fans of handmade gifts. Many are those who have asked me to crochet something unique  for their loved ones for a special occasion (birth, birthday, name-day,  Christmas, etc…).

Apart from accessories, there are also many ideas for handcrafted toys. It can be attractive, chic yet practical at the same time. One toy I created for my friend’s young toddler was a crochet magnetic fishing pouch, which he can take along with him on his outings. Enjoy the video I’ve made of this special toy:

Magnetic fishing game.

Loved ones are also our four legged friends, who enjoy a small gift every now and then. My brother’s pincher is having trouble keeping herself warm during the winter months, hence my brother asked me to crochet a jumper for her. She appreciated it so much, she finally changed attitude towards me and came to cuddle up on my lap!


The hours may be long and filled with anxiety as to whether I’ll be able to meet everyone’s tastes and standards but the feeling is always rewarding when my family and friends express their joy and gratitude!

I wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year! May the new year bring new beginnings and fresh ideas to all!


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