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Back to school project!

Autumn has creeped in on us and with it has bought the first day of school!
After many long, hot, sweaty, summer days, plenty refreshing hours at the beach and tons of ice-cream, our kids have refilled their batteries and have a huge appetite for knowledge!
The past couple of days was a period to settle ourselves down, preparing our natural clockwork to customize with the upcoming time schedule and getting our kids organized and all set for the new academic year!
An easy, small project, both suitable and exciting to make with your youngsters, is their name tags on their new school bags. Have a look at some great ideas! One can make almost anything they like. From simply having their names, to adding animals and flowers.

With some jazzy-coloured foam sheets, letter stencils, pencil, glue and a pair of scissors, these are the results of our name tags.

As we got excited with our new creations we decided to extend our skills to develop bracelets and little purses with our fancy foam…

Whether our kids will be in public or private schools, local or foreign schools, wear uniforms or not, go walking, by school bus or with their parents, I wish to all…

‘An exciting, fulfilling academic year!’

I wanted to update on how successful these name tags were at my eldest daughter’s school. Within a couple of days 6 friends of hers had asked for one! Maybe my daughters and I should start a new business!


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