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The union of two souls

It’s always a blessing to hear of romance, passion and happiness. Even more so, when it involves dear friends and family who deserve these joys of life more than ever! The harmony of two souls united through marriage is a valuable moment to be cherished by the couple, and those around them, for the rest of their lives.

A dear cousin of my husband’s, and his delightful fiancé, are in the process of counting the hours to their special date!

In Greece, a few days before the wedding, it is custom that Greek brides undertake a tradition known as the Greek Bridal Bed (To Krevati). Friends and family gather at the couple’s marital home to help prepare it for their new life together:

Our bride-to-be, successfully managed to impress us that evening, with her beautiful ideas and creations:

Being that the bride loves crafts, I thought that a handmade gift to celebrate their union would be much appreciated. A special gift representing their special day and their future as a couple together…


…and one from Eleni…



Semina and Spiro, as a family, we wish you a bright future together, filled with Love, SupportHappiness and Dreams! May God bear you with many bundles of Joys!”

Loads of love,

Taso, Maria, Eleni and Stella xxx

p.s. I would also like to dedicate a beautiful poem:



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