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Memorable present for a Christening

My husband’s cousin and his charming wife have just christened their beautiful baby daughter at the picturesque island of Lesvos. It’s a shame we could not attend the event, as we heard all who were there had a fabulous time and everything was outstanding! I can’t wait to see photos!

Not only was the ceremony and the celebration after, praiseworthy, with a flair of chic and romance, the invitations and bombonieres show off creative harmony.

A photo memoir of the Christening’s invitations and favors is custom but some parents even neglect that. Such creative harmony though cannot just be discarded. I loved the thought of recreating a gift for the Christened child with the items that symbolize this special occasion. After consuming all the dragees in one go – I needed the sugar to boost my creative spirit (excuses, excuses) – I pulled them apart to form my idea. Everything was used until the last ribbon!

The crochet hat of the bomboniere inspired the whole concept of my design, ‘the  back  view of a girl wearing a hat’. The circular shape of the invitation, along with its rosy tint, induced a sunset, enhancing a feeling of romance.

WP_20160510_18_45_08_Pro (2) 1

Folding the lace that was covering the invitation, the girl’s skirt was fabricated and some of the ribbon was used as the skirt’s bow-tie and as a ‘glow’ around the sun. With some scrap rose-coloured ribbon, which I curled around my fingers, the bodice was created. Rolling up some pink tissue fabric I also had, I formed the arms and legs and placed the rose bud in one of the hands. My intention was to enhance the impression that our beautiful, little niece is the girl in the artwork, hence I used brown strands of cotton yarn for the hair. I concluded by painting a sun-setting sky and adding a field of Million Star Gypsophila flowers.


What do you think? Will they like their present as much as I enjoyed making it?



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