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Easter is approaching…

Before you going saying that I have a loose screw and point out that Easter has already passed, I’d like to reveal that Orthodox Easter is celebrated on a different time from Catholic Christians:

Easter in Greece is the most celebrated holiday, where it is an opportunity for families and loved ones to gather together and praise its significance through centuries-old traditions:

It is an opportunity for the God-parents to bond with the children they have baptized and to guide them through their path to following the Greek Orthodox faith:

During their visit it is tradition for the God-parents to give their God-child the lambada (Easter candle), which is lit at the Holy Saturday church service. Being a gift that represents such an important occasion, lambades are often beautifully decorated.

With so many common lambades out for sale in the market, I wanted to unfold my creative abilities and challenge myself into producing some unique ones. Et voila the results….


Lambades with crochet appliques:


Lambades decorated with jewelry:


Lambades with dolls and toys:

WP_20160404_14_38_05_Rich (2)
Hippity Hop


Easter egg surprise!

and my favorite, which I made for my beautiful 4yr old God-daughter…

Magic Cinderella

…because she asked for her and I can’t disappoint her!

Such beautiful lambades can’t come inside any old plain box, can they now? Here are a couple of ideas I cracked up….

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Easter is approaching…2


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