My first crochet projects

After an elongated festive weekend, I settle myself down to share with you some more handicraft I had previously made.
The 25th of March is a major day and a double holiday in Greece, both a historical and a religious one:  It was an opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends 👪 and to have a break from daily routine.
Before we wander off into Greek history, let us return to our topic of the day.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I started to learn how to crochet a couple of months ago and am enjoying it much.  My first projects were handbags for my two girls and niece. Made with the single stitch (I wanted to keep it simple as a beginner), I played with their designs, colours and embellishments so that each bag has its own uniqueness, which appeals to the individuality of each kid.



I hope you like them. The way the girls walk and sway their hips, holding their bags as little madams, tells me they definitely enjoy their bags. What a feeling of fulfillment it is when your handicraft is appreciated!

At that time a very dear friend of mine had just given birth to a beautiful baby boy.  I wanted something special to make as a present and through a site where I learned most of my basic stitches,, I came up with adorable “Frankie the Frog”. I quickly related with Amigurumi and ever since have made quite a few more, even my own patterns!

Frankie the frog
Frankie the Frog

All this was before Christmas 🎄.  As the festive day was approaching, the junior school, where my eldest daughter goes to, asked for the parents’ generosity to provide any reading books, decorations or crafts to sell at the fundraising bazaar. I saw it as an opportunity where I could show off my craft! They were a huge hit and I would have liked to have had more time to make more ornaments. For next year’s bazaar I’ll be more prepared.  Some of the patterns are borrowed and therefore they are followed by credits towards the artists, the rest is mine:

Xmas tree
Christmas tree ornament
Angel ornament (2)
Granny square angel ornament\


and my own patterns….

Hello Kitty Santa
Hello Kitty Santa ornament
Jewelry (2)
Necklaces and bracelet with beads

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