Art and Decoration

A lifelong souvenir!

With the delight of my first child expected to enter this world, way back in 2008, I had to get involved with the nursery as soon as possible. Having a look around at the shops for furniture, I fell in love with  Kitten’s ‘Winnie the Pooh’ furniture set.

Lime green is a colour which can be associated with both girls and boys and I wanted a bright, colourful room, where my child can enjoy playtime. Winnie the Pooh was one of my favourite childhood characters as a child, hence the decision to purchase it was easy to make.

Completing the room with curtains, shelves, light-fixtures and lots of books and toys, the room still seemed bare to me….it needed something more. Being a fairly small room I didn’t want to fill it with extra objects as the space was needed for play. Hence I focused on bringing a bare wall to life…and how was I meant to do that?  A mural!

The downside of a wall mural in a nursery is that once the child outgrows it, the image is painted over, wiping away all memoires of their cherished childhood lives. I wanted something that could be kept safe once removed, so my kids could hand over to their kids.

Giving it much thought I decided to do it on canvas! Where was I to find a canvas so large? There was only one solution. Measuring the wall, I knew I had to break it down to 4 smaller easy-to-handle canvases. I took the measurements, bought the timber and canvas and with a friend constructed the wooden frames and stretched the fabric over them. Now it was time to create the masterpiece!

The theme obviously was with Winnie and his friends. It had to be a colourful theme and surfing the net for ideas I came up with a picnic!

WP_20160324_16_47_00_Pro (2)It was easy in the beginning when I was still during my first trimester of pregnancy but as the months rolled along, the task was getting harder and harder to complete. Kneeling on the floor, over the project, trying to align the image as I painted along, my bump was getting in the way. I was a sight for sore eyes!

I finalized the project one month after my first daughter was born and it is still hanging on the wall as my second daughter now sleeps in that room…I look forward to the challenge of remaking her room when she asks for it to be redecorated!







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